Freely Adjust your Brake Performance

OutBraker was purposely developed to prevent rollover from full front wheel braking at emergency and enable safe and short braking. Satisfaction of braking performance might vary by gender, braking capacity, type of bike, and driving speed. In principle of tuning, headquarter and cooperative stores take first priority in safety from the general customer perspective. However, for those who are experienced in wheel braking, adjust the OutBraker at an optimal braking value to reduce as much inertia possible in the shortest time. Now, you will be able to brake shorter and safer with a feeling of slight lifting on the rear wheel.

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Feature Image
Outbraker | Presentación

Feature Image
Outbraker | Presentación

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Outbraker | Instalación

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Outbraker | Cómo funciona

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Presentación Endo Turn

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Install OutBraker

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Outbraker | 1Lever 2Brake OutBraker Test / Dualtron braking test 1hand 2brake

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Outbraker | El nuevo ABS de los frenos de disco de bici

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More reasons to choose OutBraker

Increase of Bicycle Accident
(Mostly, side angle collision)

Maintain constant braking distance on the same road speed

Shorten braking distance only with full front braking, compared to pre-equipped status.

Prevent secondary damage in accident by avoiding rollover.

Easy installation + Air bleeding

You can easily install the Outbraker on the front side of a master cylinder and bleed air easily as well.



  • Material: Aluminum, SUS.
  • Weight: 39g.
  • Dimensions: 60x15x24mm.
  • Oil Pressure Adjustment Range: 0-100%.
  • Color: Black, Titanum, Silver, Blue, Wine Red.
  • Type: 3 (Banjo Pitch M8x0.75 / M8x1.0 / M9x1.25).


Complete system only weighs 39g

Powerful Performance

Adjust oil pressure range from 0-100%

No Maintenance Required

For all mechanical components

Reliable Service 100%

Lifetime warranty

Project Image
Project Image
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Product Patent Status

OutBraker has received International and Domestic Patents.

OutBraker might seem like working with a simple precept of a small product. However, it is a product with a total of 6 domestic and international patents that was released through a continuous research and development for over 20yrs, since 1994.

Read our story
Team Member US Patent No.US 9,133,863

OutBraker newly acquired US patent in August, 2015.

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OutBraker is not just a simple product for reducing hydraulics and cutting down braking performance. However, it helps to create an optimal braking force when braking.

There is no difficulty in use of such technology as Endo-turn. A tight braking is possible through the slight lifting of the rear wheel with a couple of bounces, just enough for braking.
Endo turn Video(A person)

Performance Setting

Adjust the product with an enclosed pentagonal wrench.

▷Clockwise: Increase Braking force
▷Counter clockwise: Decrease Braking force

More Features
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Torque Specifications

Please check the torque specifications of all the Outbraker and brake lever
(master cylinder) before installation.
If you do not use a torque wrench, it may cause damage in the product and
the brake.

Torque Spec
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Every OutBraker comes with our lifetime warranty
program. Once your OutBraker serial is registered
the OutBraker website provides each original retail
purchaser of a warranty against defects in materials
and workmanship

OutBraker Care
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OutBraker is compatible
with most of the hydraulic brakes

If you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

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